Why have we decided to change our debit card?

As you may know, Triodos is a European bank. We operate in various countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Spain. We all share the same mission: to be one of the world’s most sustainable banks and bring positive change through banking.

This is why we wanted to unify the design of our card.

Before now, each country has had their own unique card. Here in the UK, we sported a bright green leaf, with the veins of the leaf representing how we’re all connected.

While all these designs shared a common theme of celebrating nature in different ways, we felt it was time to come together and find a design for us all.

The new design of the debit card

Triodos Personal Debit Card with blue and green butterfly wing design shown placed in grass with green flowers

When designing our new debit card we wanted to stand out from the crowd. We wanted something eye-catching, disruptive and totally different. We wanted something Triodos.

We explored a range of nature-inspired concepts for the design, and eventually decided on butterflies.

On the debit card, you see a close-up of a butterfly wing. The butterfly represents the change and transformation that we, as Triodos Bank, would like to see in the world. 

We also decided to put ‘This is not just a card, this is a ticket to positive change’ on the back of the card. It is the perfect message to remind you that what you do with your debit card really matters. 

A sense of community

The close up butterfly wing reveals the individual colour scales that create the butterfly pattern. These colourful pixels represent our Triodos community. 

With this debit card, you become part of a movement of more than 740,000 people in Europe who want to change the world for the better. 

Embracing recycled materials

Our new updated card is made from recycled plastic (rPVC). We have chosen this material because it has the lowest carbon footprint and environmental impact compared to other plastics on offer.

While in the past we have opted for biobased plastics (PLA), recent research shows that PLAs have a higher environmental impact. This is due to the usage of plant protection products and fertiliser needed to produce this material.

However, we understand that for some people using a plastic card with non-recyclable electronic components is still not good enough. We understand this frustration and are always striving to find the most sustainable option.

Improved accessibility

Triodos Personal Current Account Card with blue and green butterfly wing design shown held by a held with a brown wallet

We are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ banking experience.

This is why we have introduced a small ‘accessibility notch’ onto the card. This notch will help our visually impaired customers to easily insert their debit card into a cash point (ATM).

Switching to Visa

You may have noticed that we are now using Visa as our card payment provider. This has been done to help unify our offering in all regions.

What else is new?

The debit card offers the same functions that it did before: contactless payment, and chip and PIN.

We’ve added new functionality to the Triodos Mobile Banking App including:

  • Freeze and unfreeze your new card
  • Order a replacement card
  • Change your payments limits
  • View your PIN
  • Change card usage settings when abroad

Do I need to do anything?

Your new card will have a new number. Many subscription and streaming services will be set up to receive recurring payments using your old card number, so you will need to update these. You can do this by contacting the company your payments are with.

With your new card you will also be issued a new PIN (personal identifical number). It’s best to commit this to memory, rather than having it written down. The good news is that you'll now be able to get a secure PIN reminder on the Triodos Mobile Banking App.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our contact team.

Do we really need physical cards in our digital world?

We consider ourselves a digital bank. After all, we have no physical branches and encourage our users to use the Triodos Mobile Banking App as much as possible.

However, we still see the benefit of having a physical bank card. Until that changes we will continue to automatically send our debit card to our customers.