Change Finance

Triodos Bank aims to change the financial system from within by proving that values-based banking and impact investing can be commercially robust and resilient. We strive for a banking world that is sustainable, transparent, and diverse - at both a national and international level.

Change Finance for Triodos Bank

Our principles of Change Finance

We believe in a new kind of finance. The financial sector can benefit from the integration of four key concepts: sustainability in the broadest definition, impact, diversity and transparency. The legal framework of all financial institutions and markets should be fundamentally revised on these principles.

This is how we make the financial sector more sustainable

We influence the financial sector nationally and internationally to make money work for positive change and strengthen the change finance movement.

We actively participate in networks

We talk to politicians and policymakers

We make positive impact measurable

Vision papers

We have recently produced several vision papers on key impact themes. How do we finance a fairer food system? What contribution can a bank have in the energy transition? And how should the economy change in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic?